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Vintage Big Bend Map Print 1:125,000

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This map of the region that would later become Big Bend National Park was created as part of the 1902-1903 topographical survey led by Arthur Stiles. It was at the end of this survey that Max Ernst convened the fabled “naming jury,” in which Big Bend area residents gathered to agree on and record names of geologic features… only to run out of people to name things after! Thus Sue Peaks were named for topographer Stiles’ fiancée and Margaret Basin for his mother. At least, that’s the way we heard it…

More familiar park-era names were added in a 1956 revision and publication. Please note that this map is of primarily historical and decorative interest and should not be used for wayfinding, since many of the roads and landmarks no longer exist.

USGS, 1903, 1956. E.M. Douglas, Geographer in Charge. Topography by Arthur Stiles, assisted by Stuart Penick and J.E. Blackburn

Map reproduction print on heavy paper stock, approx. 28”x21”

Scale 1:125,000

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