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The Night Sky Planisphere Large

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The Night Sky is widely recognized by the amateur astronomy and educational communities as the overall best planisphere on the market.

  • Unlike coffee-table planispheres, The Night Sky is printed with dark stars on a light background, for easy nighttime readability.
  • The constellations are drawn simply, emphasizing the brighter stars. (The constellation patterns were designed in collaboration with the editors of Sky and Telescope magazine.)
  • Coordinate grid lines are shown without being intrusive. Coordinates are shown because they can be useful for cross referencing with star atlases.
  • A selection of deep sky objects for binocular viewing is included. It is important to point out to beginners that the best first telescope is a pair of binoculars. You may already have what it takes to start observing tonight!
  • The Night Sky is larger than it looks! The map scale is larger than on similar-size planispheres because the whole sky does not have to be shown on a single map. Even the 5" pocket version is large enough to be quite readable.

David Chandler Company, 1992. 10" x 8.5", plastic. For 30o - 40o N latitudes.

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