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Cacti of Texas: A Field Guide (Powell)

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Cacti of Texas: A Field Guide with Emphasis on the Trans-Pecos Species by A. Michael Powell, James F. Weedin, and Shirley A. Powell. One hundred thirty-two species, subspecies, and varieties of cacti may be found in Texas. About one hundred of them occur in the state’s Trans-Pecos region, one of the most cactus-rich areas of the United States, but at least one kind can be found in every county of the state. This volume is an identification guide to the genera, species, and varieties of Texas cacti, with maps showing the distribution of each.

Based on the comprehensive reference Cacti of the Trans-Pecos and Adjacent Regions (2004), by A. Michael Powell and James F. Weedin, this field guide provides briefer, less detailed treatments of the entire state’s species for educated general readers. More than three hundred beautiful full-color photographs of the cacti in flower and in fruit, each placed with its description in the text, highlight the book. Readers may identify cacti using color photographs of the plants, keys, distribution maps, and descriptions of the vegetative characters, flowers, and fruits.

The introduction—full of details about the biology and morphology of the family Cactaceae and the uses, horticulture, and conservation of cacti—is an important reference for general readers. A glossary of cactus terms, an exhaustive list of literature, and a thorough index complete the book.

This guide was designed for use by naturalists and hobbyists as well as serious students. Visitors to the national parks, state parks, and other natural areas of Texas will find it essential to identifying the cacti.

Texas Tech Press, 2008. 400 pages; 314 color photos, 124 maps. 6" x 9" softcover.

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