Ride Indian Ride

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Arvel Bird

Ride Indian Ride is the 16th release and a ground breaking project for Arvel Bird and a departure from his instrumentally-rich, cultural music, with an edgier rockin sound that blends his Native American / Celtic roots with a stronger, more soulful beat.

Arvel's singing is a brilliant addition to his contemporary instrumental violin and flute recordings. Songs incorporate Arvel's rockin fiddle / Native flutes and percussions with electric guitars, key-boards, bass and drums all telling the stories of American Indian warriors, chiefs and the trials of indigenous people.

The enduring spirit of Indian Motorcycles, a symbol of power and freedom inspired the album.

"It s time for a new journey, says Arvel about Ride Indian Ride. I ve explored my history and Native American spirituality. Now I m compelled to explore the blues/rock sound that sets my soul on fire."

1     Ride Indian Ride 4:18

2     Cool Down 4:07   

3     Lighthorse 4:47   

4     Like the Wind 4:31   

5     Fine Vintage 4:19   

6     The Chief 5:11   

7     Battleground Road 3:38   

8     Dark Horse 4:55       

9    Sunset Blues    4:29

10     For Our Children 4:36   

11     Roadmaster 4:53   

12     Desert Rose 5:07   

13     Hundred in the Hand 3:49   

14     Take Me Home 4:28

15     The Patriot Chiefs 5:20

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