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Join a group of river guides, scientists, locals and NPS personnel as they travel 83 miles through the Lower Canyons of the Rio Grande.Located on the US/Mexico border, the Lower Canyons is one of the most remote sections of river in the US. It is protected and managed by the National Park Service as part of the Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River.

2019. 62 min., region 1.

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Bravo y Grande is a much welcomed and long overdue glimpse at the majesty and grandeur of the Rio Grande's Lower Canyons, its stunning canyon scenery, its powerful whitewater, and its compelling natural history.  The film's cast bring numerous poignant insights into what may be the least accessible river stretch in the Lower 48 states.  Quite simply, I cannot imagine a more rewarding way to spend an hour than watching this lovely journey into the Lower Canyons.” - Keith Bowden, author of The Tecate Journals: Seventy Days on the Rio Grande

“… a stunning visual river trip through which viewers are taken along on a seven-day journey through the seldom-seen Lower Canyons. And this is not an ordinary group floating the river; the all-star cast includes national park employees, local river guides, a Sul Ross geologist, a local ranch owner… An important aspect of the film was showing the majesty of the Lower Canyons and why people care about this stretch of the river so much. That task, said [director Carl] Crum, was made easy as ‘every single person on the trip was extremely passionate about both their previous experiences and the experience they were having and why [this place] needs to be protected.’” - John Waters, Big Bend Gazette

“The Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River may well be the least-known national park unit in the Lower 48. Few people will ever visit, as it’s incredibly remote, lacking infrastructure, and help is awfully far away. But that’s also what makes it amazing. The great thing about this film is it offers the intrepid armchair adventurer, as well as the skilled wilderness river rat, with the next best thing to being on the Rio itself.” - Bob Krumenaker, Big Bend National Park/Rio Grande Wild & Scenic River Superintendent

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