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Great Walks of Big Bend

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Note: The Chisos Mountains walks in this guide are NOT affected by the spring-summer 2021 wildfire closures. All of them remain open as of May 2021.

By Robert Gilmore; photographs by Eileen Oktavec.

Are you a walker, but not a hiker? Are you a hiker, but not desert-acclimated? Couldn't get a campsite for an overnight? Or is it just too darn hot for the hikes you were planning? Try this handy little guide to the best easy and moderate trails in Big Bend. And as a bonus, Great Walks includes detailed descriptions of what you'll see along the roads you'll take to the trailheads.

Great Walks guides carefully describe and, with beautiful full-color photographs, lavishly illustrate only the best walks in the world. And for your convenience, they're pocket-sized. Great Walks are mostly short, easy, and on smooth, gently graded trails. Most important, they feature often continuous views of the world's most beautiful and interesting scenery.

Texas' Big Bend region has 14 Great Walks and 6 Honorable Mentions in Big Bend National Park and one Great Walk in Big Bend Ranch State Park. Four Great Walks provide incomparable, sometimes awesome views of the dramatic Chisos Mountains, which rise as much as 4,000 feet above the Chihuahuan Desert.Six Great Walks provide exciting aerial views of the Rio Grande, a lovely, linear oasis in the desert. Two Walks lead to canyons whose vertical walls soar as much as 1,500 feet above the river. Five walks feature fascinating rock formations. One goes to a historic hot springs, where you can soak in warm mineral water at the very edge of the Rio Grande.

You have time to walk only a few of Big Bend's many miles of trails. Why not walk only the best? We'll tell you where the best ones start, where they go, and exactly what you see from each one - so you can know, in advance, precisely what each walk has to offer and why it's worth your time to take it. That's why we're your indispensable guide to great walking in Big Bend.

2010. Great Walks, Inc. 3.5" x 5.5" softcover, 180 pages.

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